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William Ward: Redeeming Love has Been My Theme (Masters)

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William Ward’s (1769–1823) story has rarely been written, yet he left an indelible mark on Christian world missions. He laboured as a missionary in India for over twenty years, and played an indispensable part in the great missionary project at Serampore. In the two hundred years since his death, his name has been overshadowed by that of William Carey, the senior missionary at Serampore, yet as a printer, Bible translator, evangelist, and administrator, the work could not have succeeded without his tireless contributions. He summarised the message he longed to share, ‘Redeeming love has been my theme.’


It is amazing that we have had to wait two hundred years for a second published biography of the pioneer missionary William Ward. While there have been literally dozens of biographical studies of Ward’s close friend and companion William Carey, this is only the second book-length biography devoted solely to Ward. So, in this 200th anniversary year of Ward’s stepping into eternal glory, we are thankful to God that we can hear and read again what God did in and through the life of this remarkable servant of the Lord Jesus. — Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

This new biography of William Ward is such a delight! It draws readers into the absorbing story of Ward’s spirituality, calling, and missionary service, providing a window into pioneer missions in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This book will be of interest not only to readers who love missions and church history — particularly Baptist history — but also those who want to be challenged by a moving spiritual biography of a journalist, printer, and translator who dedicated his life to the service of Christ in cross-cultural mission. Highly recommended. — Prof J. Matthew Pinson, President, Welch College

William Ward was a member of the famed Serampore Trio. Sam Masters provides contemporary readers with an accessible but detailed survey of Ward’s life and contributions. — Dr David Rathel, Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Director, Academic Graduate Studies Program, Gateway Seminary

The story of Carey in India is fairly well known, as is the fact that others assisted him. However, Ward and the others have remained shadowy figures for too long. Thankfully, this is beginning to change and this well crafted little book is a sign of that. Beginning with a riot in Derby, continuing with a fist fight between missionaries, a terrible fire and various deaths and conversions the work ends with death in a time of cholera in Serampore. By a missionary about a missionary, it will stir your heart as you marvel at God’s grace in days gone by. — Revd Gary Brady, Pastor, Childs Hill Baptist Church, London