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Women & God: Hard Questions. Beautiful Truth. (Nielson)

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There is much discussion and confusion around the issues of gender equality and gender roles, and the church is not exempt. Some even believe that the Bible contributes to sexism against women and that God is, in some way, sexist. 

In this warm, conversational and sympathetic book, Kathleen Nielson looks at what the Bible really says about women and what it reveals about God’s attitude towards them. She asks the hard questions about the Old Testament Law, the role of women in marriage and the role of women in the church, consistently pointing us to God’s word and his perfectly created order. Take a look at the issues here.

She not only provides Biblical reasoning in answer to these questions, but also shows how the truth can be enjoyed as women and men submit to the perfect will of our compassionate, merciful and gracious God.

Women and men of all backgrounds, views, and ages will find this a valuable book. Pastors and Elders will will find it useful as they work out how to faithfully lead a united worshiping community under the authority of Christ and in accordance with Scripture. It is also ideal for use in women's ministry as women seek to live and act according to God’s will.



1. Introduction
2. How We Got Here
3. Second Place?
4. Fallen Women
5. The Darkest Places
6. Strong Women
7. Women, Sex, and a Question of Double Standards
8. Women's Bodies
9. A Man Unlike Any Other
10. Women and Marriage
11. Women and the Church
12. The Goodness of God



Kathleen Nielson is a renowned conference speaker internationally, and served as Director of Women's Initiatives at The Gospel Coalition. Kathleen is the author of numerous Bible studies and books, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Charles Simeon Trust. She is married to Niel and they have three sons and five granddaughters.



"Kathleen Nielson proficiently unpacks difficult passages of Scripture that we sometimes want to avoid. On every page, she helps us wrestle with complex questions, while inviting us to embrace this beautiful truth: God is good to women. This is an excellent and needed book—I highly recommend it for both men and women."

-  Melissa Kruger, Author of The Envy of Eve and Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood


"In our day, debate over the treatment of women, especially in the church, is one of the hot topics. I hope that many readers on all sides of this debate will take the time and invest the energy to listen carefully and respectfully to Kathleen, a woman who has a keen mind, a heart devoted to Scripture, and the courtesy to treat other viewpoints fairly even while she marshals the evidence that supports her understanding of key passages and themes."

-  D.A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois; President, The Gospel Coalition


"As we face a new post-christian world, we need this book. Warm, engaging, inviting, articulate, and convincing, this book models how Christians can face this world's hard questions about gender and sexuality with the gospel's beautiful truths. Reading this book feels like a long conversation with a safe friend, steaming mug of tea in hand. Kathleen proclaims gospel light without erasing her readers' diverse points of view or lived experiences. You will find no platitudes, no cliches, no tired defenses of priggish moralism. Instead, you will find Jesus, the Word made flesh, arms open."

-  Rosaria Butterfield, Author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert


"I was deeply helped by reading Women and God. It is a book written by a wise woman, and it does not shy away from hard, painful, complex issues. Frankly, there are few people I trust more than Dr. Nielsen to push me, challenge me, and make me think rigorously, carefully, and biblically about these things. This book is faithful and sensitive, truthful and persuasive, restrained yet comprehensive."

-  Ligon Duncan, Chancellor, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi