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Advice for Seekers (Spurgeon) (Banner of Truth)

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In Advice for Seekers Charles Spurgeon deals one by one with the many false ideas a man has about God’s way of salvation. These errors frequently prevent seekers coming to Jesus Christ and trusting him wholly.

Before his own conversion he found many difficulties in coming to Christ, even though he had much biblical knowledge. The seeker will find a sympathetic counsellor in Spurgeon.

It is out of fashion to be a seeker in our day. Any real interest in the Christian gospel is often mistaken for faith itself. The seeker’s problems are driven ‘underground’, and he is treated as though he were a Christian when he is not. This book will help these ‘almost Christians’.

But believers will also be helped. Doubts and fears will be removed and many trembling Christians will be brought to full assurance.

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Table of Contents:  

  1. Do Not Try to Save Yourself
  2. Despised Ones Seeking Jesus
  3. Seekers Touching Christ
  4. Still No Light, and Why?
  5. ‘We Wait for Light’
  6. The Invitation
  7. Something to be Set Right
  8. Hindrances to Coming to the Light
  9. Seekers Encouraged – the Substitute
  10. Seeking
  11. How Luther Sought and Found
  12. Saved through Faith
  13. May I Believe?
  14. A Needless Question Answered 



C. H. Spurgeon (1834-92), the great Victorian preacher, was one of the most influential people of the second half of the 19th Century. He was a famous British preacher and pastor for 38 years of New Park Street Chapel, later called the Metropolitan Tabernacle. At the heart of his desire to preach was a fierce love of people, a desire that meant he did not neglect his pastoral ministry.