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Evidence for the Bible (Anderson & Edwards)

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A burnt and broken wall embedded with arrows and sling stones tells of a city taken by storm. A scribbled message on a piece of pottery reveals the urgency of the hour. Palace inscriptions and clay tablets in a royal archive reflect a well-organized central government. Inscribed silverware, jewellery, and household items illustrate the domestic life of the inhabitants. 

Archaeology throws dramatic light on the biblical record.

Evidence will surprise and inform you as you turn over the soil of history with the pages of your Bible. The witness of the trowel authenticates and illuminates the people and events, lifting them from the pages of the Book and setting them in the context of time and place. Join us on an exciting journey with this evidence from the past. 


“This is a marvelous introduction to the finds of archaeology that illumine our understand of the Bible. It helps the reader to see that the biblical events and writings took place within history. When the reader studies the Bible, this book will serve as a wonderful tool to help get at its depth and richness. I highly recommend it.”

– Dr. John D. Currid

“Taking a chronological approach, Clive Anderson and Brian Edwards present much compelling ‘Evidence for the Bible’. They clearly show the limitations and fallacies of much liberal and minimalist scholarship that so often attacks the historicity of the Bible. This book hits many nails on the head, it will serve as reliable and useful companion for the serious Bible reader.”

– Dr. Paul Lawrence