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Taken Up to Heaven: The Ascension of Christ (Thomas)

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Evangelical Press

While much has been written on the death and resurrection of Christ, comparatively little has been said about the significance of His ascension. The author seeks to address this wonderful truth that, in the ascension, Jesus went home to be with his Father in heaven. We see what a comfort and help that is to the believer.

The ascension of Christ marked the final triumphant culmination of the ministry of the Son of God. It is a doctrine filled with supreme comfort for all believers and one that every Christian should take to heart and ponder with affection. Derek Thomas seeks to restore this neglected truth to its rightful place and to demonstrate its relevance as a source of encouragement and hope to all Christians.


Derek Thomas is a Welshman who served for seventeen years in Northern Ireland before taking up a post at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. He is the author of several books, including titles in the Welwyn Commentary Series.


"Derek Thomas is a wise and faithful shepherd of souls, and a man of the Book.....May his labours serve to feed your soul, strengthen your mind, encourage your walk and woo you to Christ, your ascended Bridegroom." - Ligon Duncan