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Sing the Lord's Song: Biblical Psalms in Worship (Keddie)

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The singing of inspired praise has been the practice of God's people through most of history. It is only in relatively recent times that the majority of songs in Protestant worship services are not from the Bible's Book of Psalms. Why has this change occurred, and does it matter?

Some say we are free to sing anything in church as long as it is true, worshipful, and sung in earnest. These are good and important things, but Keddie makes the case that what brings God the most glory is the singing of Spirit-inspired songs -- the songs in the Book of Psalms -- sung in spirit and in truth.

There is a renewal of psalm singing in the church today, but it is still a minority practice. It brings up many questions in the minds of believers who do not practice it. In this introductory booklet, Keddie addresses some of the most common questions, things like:

  • Isn't this an unnecessarily divisive issue and a relatively unimportant matter?
  • Doesn't the New Testament give greater liberties in the elements of worship?
  • Are you saying the hymn writers were all wrong?
  • If psalm singing is so right, why aren't more psalm singing churches more obviously blessed by it?

His answers are thoughtful, respectful, and simple. In all his discussion he appeals to the authority of the holy Scriptures. He also looks briefly at church history and shows how our choice of worship song has changed. In conclusion, he makes an apt case for using the Lord's song to bring praise to Himself. The songs found in the Bible are not only sufficient praise, but the very finest praise to offer our God in worship.