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Spirit & Truth: A Film about Worshiping God

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Broken Stone Studio
1 Hour 27 Minutes
Electronic Format:

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"The church is sick, and doesn't know it.”

-Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.


"We must seek to get worship right."

 - Dr. Robert Godfrey




When we think about worshiping God, we ask all the wrong questions. What do I like? Or what would non-Christians like? Or what does my Church like? Spirit & Truth seeks to answer the central question that we're so often missing: How does God want to be worshiped?

Week after week, billions of Christians all over the world gather together in church buildings, homes, and secret locations to participate in an activity that dates back to the creation of the world. They worship.

From euphoric emotional rock shows to solemn sanctuaries where men in robes are surrounded by stained glass, philosophies on how we should approach God are all over the map. Does it matter how we worship God? Is it just about our preference? Does God care how He is worshiped?