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The Christian's Present For All Seasons (Harsha)

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Solid Ground Christian Books

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Containing Devotional Thoughts of Eminent Divines
Joseph Hall, Isaac Watts, John Owen, Richard Sibbes, John Flavel, Jonathan Edwards, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, William Jay and More

An Introductory Essay on "Devotion" by William B. Sprague sets the stage for a rich devotional journey from Joseph Hall to William Jay. This volume was published in 1866 by The American Tract Society and it contains dozens and dozens of brief devotional exercises to stimulate the brethren to love and good works. The contributors to this volume are a veritable who's who in evangelical circles from the Puritan era to the mid-nineteenth century.

W.B. Sprague concluded his Introductory Essay with these words: "Among the many excellent works adapted especially to help the Christian in his devotions, this book holds a prominent place. The Compiler seems to have ranged through almost the whole field of devotional literature, and to have gathered up all the brightest gems that came in his way; and so successful has he been that one may open the book at random, as often as he will, and will never find his eye resting upon anything that he can afford to pass over, or that does not supply the elements of rich devotional thought. It is difficult to say which is most to be admired, the Compiler's good judgment and taste, or his extraordinary patience in research, that has brought to us the heavenly thoughts of so many saints and sages. This is truly a beautiful compilation of DEVOTIONAL THOUGHTS." 

D.A. Harsha, the Editor, said the following in his Preface: "It is more than ten years since the preparation of the present volume was commenced. During all this time, the selection of these beautiful passages has been slowly but steadily carried on. The work was undertaken in connection with the editing of a Library of Christian Authors, embracing Memoirs of Eminent Divines, and their choice works--a series whose preparation is not yet completed. In performing this long and arduous labor, and while carefully perusing the works of our best authors, from the 17th century to the present time, passages in each author, which the editor regarded as among the finest specimens of devotional and practical writing, were selected for the present volume. In this manner have these 'calm and holy thoughts' of those who have shone as stars in the firmament of the Christian Church, been brought together; and it is believed that in the following pages will be found some of the choicest gems of English sacred literature--gems which 'within small compass, and in purest gold, will preserve their lustre for ages.'" 

"We sometimes sing the opening lines of Psalm 63 with these words:

'GOD is my great desire 

His face I seek the first 

To him my heart and soul aspire 

For him I thirst.' 

This book of devotions by such eminent saints makes it irresistible because the fervent desires of our hearts for GOD Triune must be fed." - Erroll Hulse 

"This is sweet food from savory writers. Perfect for the breakfast table, the bedside, the bathroom, red lights, or anywhere else where a minute or two can be redeemed for your soul's nourishment." - Dr. Robert Martin, Pastor of Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Seattle and Editor of Reformed Baptist Theological Review

"A quick scan of the table of contents makes clear that this book could be referred to as the hall of fame of devotional literature. Theological depth and practical application define the writings of men like John Flavel, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Matthew Henry and the rest of the authors of this book. This book would make a wonderful gift for any occasion of the year. The recipient of such a gift would have a library in one volume of some of the greatest minds in Christian history. This book would be useful in leading family worship because it would expose your family to classic reformed theology in a devotional format. Buy this book in bulk, keep a copy for yourself and pass down the truth by giving your remaining copies away." - Ray Rhodes, Jr. is President of Nourished in the Word Ministries and author of two Solid Ground Books, "Family Worship for the Reformation Season" and "Family Worship for the Christmas Season."

"In a day of time-sensitivity when every minute and hour seems to be at a premium, the leisure our forebears had for reading seems a pipe-dream for most of God's people. What is the solution? We need better stewardship of our time, for starters. But also we need books like this one that distill the riches of eminent divines from the past and give them to us in succinct packages that will stay with us through the day and week.I am glad to see this marvellous collection reprinted by Solid Ground Christian Books." - Dr. Michael Haykin

One book notice said, "A collection of the holiest aspirations of the holiest men."