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A Heavenly Conference between Christ and Mary - Puritan Paperbacks (Sibbes) OE

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‘Christians today need not only the truth and comfort Sibbes offers here; they need his heartfelt delight so that they live for no other end than the very glory of God.’ — MICHAEL REEVES

A Heavenly Conference is Richard Sibbes’ exposition of the memorable meeting that took place on the first Easter Sunday when the risen Christ met Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb. Though only a few words were exchanged between the Lord and Mary, Sibbes saw in them the gospel in a nutshell.

A Heavenly Conference is a wonderfully original treatment of the doctrine of the believer’s union with Christ. It is written by a loving and tender-hearted pastor whose main aim is to help believers enjoy the comfort that comes from knowing that Jesus’ God and Father is our God and Father too. ‘For from this, that God is our God, cometh all that we have that is good in nature and grace. Whatsoever is comfortable cometh from this spring, that God in Christ is our God, our reconciled God.’

Without such assurance, we simply cannot live Christian lives as God would have us. God would have us thankful, cheerful, rejoicing, and strong in faith: but we will be none of these things unless we are sure that God and Christ are ours for good. Here, then, are pastorally vital truths that Sibbes seeks to work into us.

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Table of Contents: 

A Heavenly Discourse between Christ and Mary
1 The ministry of angels 2
2 The apprehension of Christ 4
3 One word from Christ; one word from Mary 8
4 Application 11
5 Communion with Christ 19
  Beware of apathy 20
  Beware of formality 23
6 A particular interest in Christ 24
7 Christ’s prohibition 26
  Outward things 27
8 Christ’s commission 32
9 Christ our brother 35
  The comfort of being Christ’s brethren 43
  The dignity of Christ’s brethren 47
  Christ’s timing 49
  Christ’s love constant and invincible 51
  Christ’s love to his cast down brethren 54
  The matter of Christ’s commission 62
10 Christ’s ascension and ours 63
  The purpose of Christ’s ascension 68
  Christ pleading our cause 73
  The comfort of an ascended Christ 75
11 Christ’s Father and ours 80
  The comfort of having God as our Father 92
  God’s love in Christ 94
  Be indulgent in preaching the truth 98
  Knowing true brethren 101
  The priority of Christ’s relation to the Father 105
12 Christ’s God and ours 111
  The comfort in God being our God 115
13 Application 120
  God sovereign in our hearts 120
  God the ground of our obedience 123
  God all-sufficient for us 142
  Assurance of salvation 152



Richard Sibbes (1577-1635), English Puritan, was appointed a lecturer at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge in 1610. Later, through the influence of friends, he was chosen to be the preacher at Gray’s Inn, London, and he remained there until 1626. In that year he returned to Cambridge as Master of St Catherine’s Hall, and later returned to Holy Trinity, this time as its vicar. He was granted a Doctorate in Divinity in 1627, and was thereafter frequently referred to as ‘the heavenly Doctor Sibbes’. He continued to exercise his ministry at Gray’s Inn, London, and Holy Trinity, Cambridge, until his death on 6 July 1635 at the age of 58.