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Bundle: One Man & One Woman & The New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuality

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Bundle: One Man&One Woman & New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuali

Bundle: One copy each of One Man & One Woman plus The New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuality.

One Man & One Woman

What does the Bible teach about sexual relationships between people of the same sex? Does true love require that we accept all forms of sexual expression? No, real love does not rejoice in sin, but rejoices in the truth.

In the Bible, God reveals that He created gender, sex, and marriage, and we may not alter them at our will. Through His laws and works in history, God has made it clear that homosexual practices violate His holy purposes for mankind. The New Testament reaffirms God’s created order and moral laws. It too warns that homosexual practice, like any other sin that we cherish, is the pathway to God’s judgment. However, the Lord Jesus Christ saves sinners by His Spirit and gives them a new identity, forgiveness, life, and power to live according to His commandments.

This is the message that all people need to hear: God’s laws have not changed, but God’s grace offers hope to sinners through Jesus Christ. 

The New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuality

“I, with body and soul, both in life and in death, am not my own, but belong to my faithful savior Jesus Christ.” So begins the The Heidelberg Catechism. Written by Zacharius Ursinus and published in 1563, the Heidelberg Catechism quickly became a manual for Christian living and religious instruction during the Reformation. A catechism focused on helping Christians lay hold of the deepest truths in the best ways was dearly needed during the tumultuous time of the Reformation.