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10 Women Who Overcame Their Past (MacLeod)

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This book contains the stories of ten women whose circumstances and choices led them to a place that seemed far removed from the fruitful, joy–filled life we are called to live in Christ. But each of their stories is a testament to the work God does through his imperfect children. Their stories will encourage and inspire, and remind you that you are not alone in your struggles.

The names of some of these women are well–known, some are less so. The first five stories are about relationships with other people; the next five stories are about inner struggles.

Overcoming Sexual Sin & Identity – Rosaria Butterfield

Difficult Marriage and Divorce – Joy Davidman

Bereavement – Elisabeth Elliot

Singleness – Betsie & Corrie ten Boom

Overcoming with Forgiveness – Betsie & Corrie ten Boom

Eating Disorders – Christie Dondero Bettwy

Illness – Susannah Spurgeon

False Beliefs – Doreen Virtue

Self–Righteousness – Susanna Wesley

The Fear of Man – Sarah Edwards

Through exploring how other women of Christ’s Kingdom began anew in him, you will be encouraged on your own path of joy and freedom. Although you may not be in the same position as these women, there are things we can learn from each of them. In every chapter, MacLeod focuses on bearing fruit for Christ even in these circumstances and includes questions to think through and discuss how the truths learned by these women could be applied to your own life.

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"You’ll want to read 10 Women Who Overcame Their Past and rejoice in our redeeming, victorious Lord and Savior, whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light." - Kristen Wetherall, Author of ‘Humble Moms’, ‘Fight Your Fears’ and co–author of ‘Hope When It Hurts’

"As readers think through the myriad of issues tackled here, Dayspring MacLeod asks and answers the question of whether fruit can be harvested. Praise God, it can be. What an encouragement that is for us all." - Mary K. Mohler, Director, Seminary Wives Institute, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

"Through these stories, we see women who overcame, but not in their own power and strength; rather, through the redemptive work of Christ on their behalf. In reading 10 Women, you’ll meet sisters in Christ whose lives and testimony both encourage and equip you to turn to Christ, the author and perfecter of your faith." - Christina Fox, Counselor, retreat speaker and author

"The book provides no easy answers, but it shows how, in the real lives of real women, ways are found through the problems that present themselves to believers and how God is faithful to his promises even in the darkest of days." - Irene Howat, Award–winning author

About the Author

Dayspring MacLeod splits her heart between her home country of America and her newer home of Scotland. She has considerable experience in writing for the Christian community, including a devotional column in an evangelical magazine and Christian biographies for both children and adults. She is also an editor and writes fiction in her spare time. Find her blog at