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EBOOK A Certain Sound: A Primer on Open Air Preaching - EBOOK

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  1. A History of Open Air Preaching
  2. Theology for Open Air Preaching
  3. The Local Church and the Open Air Preacher
  4. Using the Law in the Open Air
  5. Using Apologetics in the Open Air 


  1. The Open Air Preacher’s Character
  2. The Open Air Preacher’s Competence
  3. Response to Open Air Preaching
  4. The Open Air Preacher’s Response
  5. Exhortation to the Church and Seminaries

Conclusion: Heard the Call?



Ryan Denton (MA) was a pastor on the Navajo reservation before starting Christ in the Wild Ministries, which he has directed since 2016. He lives in El Paso, Texas with his wife and son.

Scott Smith (MA) ran a classical Christian school for seventeen years in Orlando before going into open air preaching ministry full time. He has been married to his wife Patte for thirty-six years. They have three grown sons and five grandkids and reside in Raleigh, North Carolina.



A Certain Sound is a well-written, carefully crafted, scripturally saturated book that was a joy to read. As one who has many years’ experience with open air preaching, I thank God for this stirring call to the church to fulfill one of her main duties—namely, preaching Jesus ‘to every creature.’ Read this book. Master it. And with the help of the Holy Spirit, let the ‘certain sound’ of the glorious gospel of Christ be heard outdoors once again.” —Rob Ventura, Grace Community Baptist Church, North Providence, Rhode Island, and coauthor of A Portrait of Paul and Spiritual Warfare

A Certain Sound by Ryan Denton and Scott Smith is a welcome contribution to the contemporary discussion on open air preaching. From a perspective deeply grounded in the Christian tradition and Reformed and Puritan theology, Denton and Smith defend the ministry of street preaching in a firm but moderate tone. Everyone who practices open air preaching or who is interested in its biblical basis must read this book.” —Sam Waldron, academic dean and professor of systematic theology at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary, and a pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Owensboro, Kentucky

“Without question there is a resurgence of open air preaching in the United States. I, for one, welcome it, but I know many others in the Reformed and evangelical church world are highly skeptical. I too have observed many who have given open air preaching a bad name and brought disrepute on the practice. For this reason, I have for some time wished someone would write an apologetic for open air preaching, and I believe we now have such an important book in A Certain Sound: A Primer on Open Air Preaching.

“The authors are seasoned open air preachers with whom I have preached several times in the streets of America. They are passionate, Reformed, and Christ-centered in their preaching. I urge pastors, evangelists, and laypeople to read this book, and hopefully God will use it to lend credibility to the practice and to inspire churches everywhere to get behind open air preaching. —Al Baker, evangelist with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship and author of Evangelistic Preaching in the 21st Century