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A Commentary upon the Book of the Revelation: Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (Durham)

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These beautifully presented volumes for the first time gather these expositions and essays of renowned Scottish teacher and theologian, James Durham (endorsed by no other than John Owen). Together they form a rich understanding of the book of Revelation.


Volume 1 comprises 18 expositions and 16 extra essays on Revelation chapters 1 to 3.

Volume 2 consists of 32 expositions and 23 essays on Revelation 4 to 11.

Volume 3 consists of 41 expositions and 2 extra essays on chapers 12-22. Also contains a 64 page biography of James Durham, and an extensive 60 page bibliography of all Durham's known works.


“This commentary on Revelation provides what was, as Principal John MacLeod said, ‘in past days, the accepted Protestant view of that book.’ While James Durham’s historicist reading of Revelation is no longer the standard view, that should not deter readers, for, as Spurgeon said, ‘it would not be easy to find a more sensible and instructive work than this old-fashioned exposition. We cannot accept its interpretations of the mysteries, but the mystery of the gospel fills it with sweet savour.’ The finest treasure in this commentary is not, however, Durham’s exegetical work (helpful though this is!). Contained in his commentary are independent treatises which are the purest of theological gold. These extended essays present Reformed thought at its best. As Richard A. Muller has said, this work “offers significant access to seventeenth-century Reformed and Presbyterian thought ... Durham’s work illustrates the relationship of Scripture with doctrine and piety and dogmatics.” — Donald John MacLean, author of James Durham (1622–1658): And the Gospel Offer in its Seventeenth-Century Context.