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Blessings of the Faith Bundle

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Reformed Theology (Master):
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Persistent Prayer (Richard):
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Covenantal Baptism (Helopoulos):
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Expository Preaching (Strain):
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Series Description

Written for the church, the Blessings of the Faith series introduces and celebrates Reformed doctrine and practice—each book features a brief and practical overview of its topic with discussion questions and an extensive Q&A section.


Reformed Theology (Master)

Have you ever wondered what Reformed theology really is? Ask for a definition and you’ll get many different answers. This brief book serves as a helpful primer for church leaders, study groups, and individuals who want a well-rounded and concise overview. Learn what makes Reformed theology distinctive and how its specific doctrines apply to everyday life.


Persistent Prayer ( Richard)

We have many reasons to be excited about prayer—and to pray with urgency! Guy Richard shows us that as we pour out our hearts to the Lord, we and the world around us will be changed. Informative, encouraging, and practical, this brief book will serve as a helpful primer for pastors, elders, study groups, and Christians who seek encouragement and instruction on prayer and its blessings.


Covenantal Baptism (Helopoulos)

Why would Christians baptize infants? Jason Helopoulos lays out the Reformed perspective— the logic of baptism flows from a covenant-keeping God, who loves to bless his people. Informative and encouraging, this brief book will serve as a helpful primer and quick reference tool for parents, congregations, elders, and pastors.


Expository Preaching (Strain)

Did you know that the preaching of the Word of God has unique sin-killing, life-giving power—and brings great blessing to those who hear and receive it? In this helpful primer for congregations, Pastor David Strain establishes the basic biblical and theological foundations of preaching, highlights historical examples, and responds to questions, fears, and objections about expositional preaching in a Reformed church.