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Broken Vows: Divorce And The Goodness of God (Greco)

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Cruciform Press
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Marriage is supposed to be for life, but divorce still happens. How can a Christian reconcile the reality of divorce with the biblical view of marriage? How can a wronged spouse forgive? And how can God still be good when bad things happen?


Table of Contents:

1. A Flash of Goodness

2. Not What I Expected

3. What Shall I Answer You?

4. Christ, Our Example

5. Waking Up

Afterword: Why I Wrote This Book



John Greco is a freelance writer living in the Atlanta area. He holds a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, has served in a variety of local church positions, and has been a staff writer for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Crown Financial Ministries.



“I really, really like this book, for it is much larger than it appears. John helps us see and live in the relentless grace and sure direction of the Father in the face of our seemingly unbearable real-life trials. He writes wisely, not from untried theory, but fire-tested experience.” — Glenn T. Stanton, author, speaker and Director of Family Formation Studies, Focus on the Family

“I’ve always marveled at Joseph’s perspective in Genesis 50:20. He acknowledged the deep pain his brothers had inflicted on him, but also recognized God’s sovereign ability to transform his personal pain into something beautiful. I had the same feeling as I read Broken Vows. John Greco does a beautiful job making it clear that though he never wanted his marriage to end, he would never trade the intimacy he now enjoys with his Heavenly Father. This book is filled with wisdom from cover to cover. It’s the overflow of a painful personal struggle that resulted in a life full of authenticity and hope.” — Phil Tuttle, President and CEO, Walk Thru the Bible

“Sadly, divorced Christians are often treated as damaged goods and second-class believers. I’ve felt that sting because, like John Greco, I too am a member of the Scarlet D Club. But there is good news–yes, even for the divorced–and in Broken Vows John shows us the gospel-based path to true forgiveness, personal healing, and life after divorce. When betrayal, rejection, and regret threatened to make John Greco a life-long victim he eventually learned to look beyond the offender to the sovereign God who never stops loving. If you’ve been divorced–or know a Christian who has–you need to get this book!” — Bob Bevington is co-author with Jerry Bridges of The Bookends of the Christian Life and The Great Exchange, and co-author with Joe Coffey of Red Like Blood. He blogs at

“Few are willing to share their experience of divorce in print. My friend, John Greco, did—and we should be thankful. This book can be helpful for those recovering from divorce, not by giving them superficial or sentimental answers to dealing with their pain, anger and sense of abandonment, but by taking them back to the gospel truth of God’s sacrificial love, absolute sovereignty and transforming power. And it can assist those who minister to others in their broken state by alerting them to hurtful misconceptions and guiding them to biblical truths that truly help and heal. John reminds all of us—single, married and divorced—that God should be our deepest desire, and that our greatest delight and joy is found in Him alone.” — William B. Barcley, Senior Pastor, Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC; Adjunct Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary; author of The Secret of Contentment and several other books and articles.

“John Greco’s first-hand account of coping with the trauma of broken vows offers straightforward and biblical insight into the complicated subject of Christians and divorce. Broken Vows provides a lifeline of hope laced with empathy, practical guidance, and non-judgmental biblical wisdom. Greco compassionately reveals how Christ can heal anyone from the devastation of divorce and how to handle those who believe otherwise.” — Laura Petherbridge, Speaker, and author of When “I Do” Becomes “I Don’t”