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Bundle: A Better Ending + Foxes, Thieves, and Bunny Traps (Tamminga)

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Reformation Heritage Books

A Better Ending


Caleb desperately wants a cat, but his mother is allergic to them. When a stray cat show ups at the house, Caleb can’t resist taking care of it—despite his mother’s sneezing! Hopes are dashed when Caleb’s father explains to him that he cannot expect God to always answer his prayers in the way he wants. Yet a surprising twist in the story makes Caleb eventually realize that “God does answer prayer, in His own time and in His own way.”

A Better Ending is a collection of short stories and poems that take place at home, in school, across the world, and in out own back yards. Each story has a theme that encourages readers to reflect on their own hearts and lives as the relate to God’s Word.

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Table of Contents:

1. A Better Ending: “Small Steps”
2. A Higher Purpose: “Instruments of Praise”
3. Hand-Me-Down Dog: “A Child’s Walk with God”
4. The Red Geranium: “Let Them Come to Me”
5. When the Rains Came: “Just a Little Cloud”
6. Caiman and Camelids: “White as Snow”
7. The Ruins: “Heroes of the Faith”
8. Second Chances: “Blessings from Above”
9. French for Rachel: “Planned with Care”
10. The Swindler: “Tangled in Sin”
11. Patches’s Way: “The Saddest Sight to See”
12. Sweeter than Them All: “Today Is the Day”
13. Too Much Chatter: “Creatures of the Deep”
14. Surprised by Joy: “Happy Inside”
15. Two Are Better than One: “Closer than a Brother”
16. Wait for Me!: “To Serve His Way”
17. Missing!: “Jesus, Shepherd”
18. Ahead of the Storm: “My Feathered Friend”
19. A Break from Spring Break: “The Master’s Way”
20. Laughter in the Woods: “We Are Bears”
21. Someone Special: “The House of God”
22. Treasures and Daydreams: “What God Has Given Me”
23. Better than Sacrifice: “Be Holy”
24. Camping Woes and Wonders: “Two Words”
25. Hungry Inside: “Tell Me”


With a keen grasp of the woes and wonders of childhood, Doreen Tamminga has been writing short stories and poems for kids and their grownups for over twenty years. Today, with God’s help, she focuses on writing that puts “hands and feet” on living to God’s glory. You can find her amid children and husband on the east coast of Canada with a paintbrush in one hand and a math book in the other.


“Children learn from stories that spark their imagination and help them see the world through other people’s eyes. In this delightful book by Doreen Tamminga, young readers will meet other children in situations that are both varied and close to every child’s experience. By entering into the characters’ thoughts in a way that is only possible through Scripture. Interspersed with uplifting poems based on God’s Word, the book abounds with words of comfort, encouragement, and trust in a God who is always near to help and ready to forgive.” – Simonetta Carr, author the Christian Biographies for Young Readers Series

“Doreen Tamminga’s A Better Ending contains simple stories, short enough to accommodate young attention spans and describing situations real children deal with daily. Young readers will recognize these temptations and struggles and hopefully find encouragement for dealing with similar situations themselves.” – Starr Meade, author of Give Them Truth: Teaching Eternal Truths to Young Minds

Foxes, Thieves, and Bunny Traps


God often teaches His children through everyday situations. Grab your bike and join Lucas and his friends as they discover new birds, get lost in the woods, and begin to face their fears and prejudices in thirteen short stories. Over the course of a year, these children learn to recognize the unkindness and self-righteousness in themselves, face the uncertainty of life, and experience the blessing of confession and forgiveness. Each chapter ends with a “Talk about It” to help you explore these topics further. Teach your children to see the Bible as a treasure, Jesus as the Good Shepherd, and that God works all things for the good of His people in these precious stories.


  1. Flying Treasure
  2. A Heavy Secret
  3. Lucas and the Big Imagination
  4. Butternut Lane
  5. The Bunny Trap
  6. Changes
  7. Apple Juice and Bunny Traps
  8. Lucas Takes Charge
  9. Left Behind
  10. Adam, Steven, and the Duck Dinner
  11. Wildlife, Inside and Out
  12. Over the Tracks
  13. White as Snow


“In a style reminiscent of favorite Dutch storyteller W. G. VandeHulst, Tamminga immerses little readers in the beauty of God’s creation.  Through everyday events she emphasizes the need for tiny hearts to confess sin, to feel forgiveness, to show love, and to ponder God’s omniscience over life and death.” 

—Christine Farenhorst, author of The New Has Come 

About the Author

With a keen grasp of the woes and wonders of childhood, Doreen Tamminga has been writing short stories and poems for over twenty years. Today, by God’s grace, she focuses on writing that puts “hands and feet” on living to God’s glory. You can find her with her children and husband on the east coast of Canada or at