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Christ Set Forth And the Heart of Christ Towards Sinners on the Earth (Goodwin)

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This classic book gives us an opportunity to learn about Christ, his work and his death. Based upon Romans 8:34, Goodwin presents to us the Lord Jesus Christ, the example and the object of justifying faith.
If the term Christology is a new one to you, then this book will help understand what it means. In true Christian Heritage style, it is attractively laid out with headings and subdividers to assist reading. The foreword is provided by J. I. Packer and a helpful introduction provided by Mark Jones.



"Thomas Goodwin was a man of prodigious learning, but he was also a man who loved the church of Jesus Christ because he loved his Saviour so much. With his pen in hand he tried his best to allow both his heart and mind to write about the person and work of Christ in such a way that was not only orthodox, but also useful for those he regularly preached to and those who would have the pleasure of reading his works."  - Mark Jones

"It was Goodwin's joy to write about Christ, with whom he communed constantly, and the two items reprinted here are among his best treatments of the Saviour's love and service to us. Reformed Christology in the seventeenth century, as since, was subtle and deep, and Mark Jones' excellent analytical essay will be found helpful at this point."  - J.I Packer ~ Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada