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Churches, Revolutions And Empires: 1789-1914 (Shaw)

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1789 to 1914 was a time of momentous and often violent change religiously, socially, politically and economically in the western world. The revolutions in the churches and the powerful empires of the day were to have a profound effect upon society at large both then and in the years that followed. In this detailed yet fascinating study, Ian Shaw gives context and understanding to this legacy which has been passed on from that era by providing an expert analysis of the period with a focus on the key leaders, influences and issues.


Table of Contents:

  1. The Legacy of the Revolutionaries: The American War of Independence and its Consequences
  2. Crush ‘I’Infame’: The French Revolution and its Legacy
  3. Churches and the Industrial Revolution: Britain: 1780s-1820s
  4. ‘To Use Means for the Conversion of the Heath’: The Revolution in the Protestant Overseas Mission, c. 1790-1840
  5. Moral Revolutionaries: The Abolition of the Slave Trade and Slavery
  6. Revolutions of the Theological Mind: Nineteenth-Century Germany
  7. Building Jerusalem, or Redeeming Babylon?: Churches in the Industrial Age: Britain 1820s to 1870s
  8. Revolutions in Modern Social and Political Thought: Protestant and Roman Catholic Responses
  9. The Rising Tide of World Mission: the 1840s to 1880s
  10. Religious Responses to Revolutions in Science
  11. Revolutions in American Religion and Society: The Shadow of Civil War
  12. Christianity and Emerging National Identities
  13. Missions in the Age of Imperialism
  14. Mission at the Heart of Empires: Crisis in Late Nineteenth-Century Cities
  15. Old Defenses, New Expressions: Nineteenth-Century American Christian Thought and Expression
  16. Conclusion: The Dawn of the World Church



Ian J. Shaw is the Director of Langham Scholarship programme in the UK.



"The period from 1789 to 1914 was the crucible in which the modern world was born. A time of revolution, upheaval, empire and war, it shaped Europe and thus the rest of the world. As a result, any understanding of the world today must be built on a clear grasp of what happened during this time. Ian Shaw is a first-rate historian and this is a first-rate book which should take its place as a standard account of the period." - Carl Trueman ~ Paul Woolley Professor of Historical Theology and Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Clear, comprehensive, well-informed about the history of western churches, unusually perceptive about Christian developments elsewhere in the world, and throughout written in entirely accessible prose. Students and experienced readers should both welcome this most helpful volume." - Mark A. Noll ~ Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana

"I have long been looking for a text that would help my students in Africa understand the double development of a post western Christianity as well as a post Christian west. With Ian Shaw's extraordinary book Churches, Revolutions and Empires, that search is over." - Mark Shaw ~ Director of the Centre for World Christianity, Africa International University, Nairobi, Kenya

"I think this is a most impressive book. A book like this should become a standard work in the way that Alec Vidler's Church in an Age of Revolution used to be." - Ian Randall ~ International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague

"The book is clear, well arranged and up-to-date in its absorption of recent research. It covers the full range of denominations across the globe, setting religion firmly in its socio-political context and so addressing central historical issues such as empire and national identity. It is likely to command a wide readership in universities, theological colleges, ministers' studies and private homes. It well deserves to be published." - David Bebbington ~ Professor of History, University of Stirling

"Ian Shaw's book will give a sure and illuminating guide to these multiple processes of revolutionary change which began to redraw the contours of world Christianity." - Brian Stanley ~ Professor of World Christianity, University of Edinburgh and editor of Cambridge History of Christianity: World Christianities, 1815-1914