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Communion With God: Fellowship With Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Owen)

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In 1657, John Owen produced one of his finest devotional treatrises: probably originating from the substance of a series of sermons.

He examines the Christian's communion with God as it relates to all three members of the trinity. He assures that every Christian does have communion with God, no-one is excluded and that this communion takes place distinctly with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our relationship with...

  • God the Father is primarily through love and faith.
  • God the Son is through fellowship & grace.
  • God the Holy Spirit is primarily through comfort and sanctification. 

This was a controversial work in ecclesiastical circles of the 17th century. Twenty years after its publication, the rational ecclesiastical elite were scoffing at it's contents. Owen strongly defended the ideas within this book, and history has shown him to be right! It is a classic of Christian devotional thought that still influences the church today. This is the original text with a new layout and is fully subtitled which makes it more accessible to a new generation of readers.

Table of Contents: 

Part I: Communion with God the Father 

1. The Saints Have Communion with God 

2. Communion with the Three Persons of the Godhead 

3. Communion with God the Father

4. How to Commune with the Father in Love 

Part 2: Communion with the Son Jesus Christ 

1. The Saints Have Fellowship with Jesus Christ 

2. The Saints Have Communion with Christ in Grace 

3. How the Saints Commune with Christ 


1. The Excellencies of Christ 

2.1 True Wisdom: Knowing God 

2.2 True Wisdom: Knowing Ourselves 

2.3 True Wisdom: Walking with God 

2.4 True Wisdom: Only in Jesus 

Part 2 Continued 

4. The Love Between Christ and His Saints (Part I) 

5. The Love Between Christ and His Saints (Part II) 

6. The Source of Purchased Grace 

7. The Nature of Purchased Grace 

8. Communion with Christ in Acceptance with God 

9. Communion with Christ in Sanctification and Purification 

10. The Privilege of Sonship

Part 3: Communion with the Holy Spirit 

1. The Foundation of our Communion with the Holy Spirit 

2. The Holy Spirit’s Work in Us 

3. The Effects of the Holy Spirit in Us

4. The Result in our Hearts

5. Extremes and Delusions Concerning the Holy Spirit 

6. Our Comforter 

7. How to Treat the Comforter 

8. How to Commune with the Holy Spirit


John Owen (1616–1683), amongst the best known of the Puritans, was an English Puritan who served as vice-chancellor of Oxford University and pastor of congregations in Coggeshall and London. His writings continue to be widely read and greatly appreciated to this day.