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Crown and Covenant Series, 3 Vols. (Bond)

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"Unleashes the reader's imagination-a rip-roaring good yarn." - George Grant, Director, King's Meadow Study Center

Join the M'Kethe family as they trust God in the fight for Christ, Covenant, and Kirk! These are fantastic books for kids of any age!

Series Contents

1. Duncan's War

Duncan M’Kethe, oldest son of the family, finds himself torn by his hatred of his enemies and his father’s instructions to love them as he attempts to rescue his father. Join the godly M’Kethe family as they fight to remain true in their worship to God. This is a story that is filled with rich history and heroic action while filling us with awe for the heroes of faith in times past.

2. King's Arrow

Younger son, Angus M’Kethe, renowned for his expert archery skills, guards the family sheep as he watches for enemy soldiers and protects his neighbors and fellow Covenanters. His true test of manhood and marksmanship will come at the Battle of Drumclog. This gripping story, rooted in history, will captivate you from beginning to end.

3. Rebel's Keep

Rebel’s Keep concludes the Crown & Covenant series with a new, high-intensity adventure. Set in 17th century Scotland, in the midst of the brutal persecutions of King Charles II of England, Rebel’s Keep follows the history after Duncan’s War and King’s Arrow, the first two books in the series, and picks up the historical thread just before the devastating defeat of the Covenanters at Bothwell Brig, 1679. Thereafter the story follows the fortunes of the fictional M’Kethe family, from the point of view of the two younger boys, Angus and Malcolm.


“Douglas Bond has introduced a new generation to the heroics of the Scottish Covenanters, and he has done it in a delightful way. A gripping tale full of action, purpose, principle, and character.”  — Ligon Duncan.


Douglas Bond is author of more than twenty books of historical fiction, biography, devotion, and theology, including two adult novels translated and published by Dutch publishing houses. Bond and his wife Cheryl have been married for more than thirty years and have two daughters, four sons, and two granddaughters.