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Daille on the Fathers

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Daille examines the writings of the early church fathers and provides ample evidence that these writings are in no sense sufficient guides for an understanding of church doctrine. He clearly and credibly shows that their writings have been corrupted by additions and deletions to them by deceitful, misguided men who wanted to make the fathers support many Catholic doctrines that have no foundation in Scripture. Too often their works evidence Scripture misquotations, contradictions and weak scholarship. The church fathers didn't expect their writings to be the foundation for truth.

One can well understand an attraction to the writings of these fathers. The early fathers lived shortly after the apostles and thus were aware of their teachings and of their inspired writings. Many valiantly fought heresies and hammered out biblical doctrine on the anvil of Scripture. A number, being pastors, wrote with a compassionate desire to protect their flock from unbiblical teaching. Daille does not say they should not be read. However, they are not to be the pillar and foundation of truth. God's inspired word alone is sufficient for this (II Tim. 3:15, 16).


John Daille (1594-1670) was an eminent seventeenth century French pastor.