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David Livingstone and Elisabeth Elliot Biography Bundle

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Read these inspiring new biographies about missionaries Elisabeth Elliot and David Livingstone.

Elisabeth Elliot: A life (Austin)


An In-Depth Biography on the Life and Work of Missionary Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot (1926–2015) is one of the most widely known Christians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. After the death of her husband, Jim, and four other missionaries at the hands of Waorani tribesmen in Ecuador, Elliot famously returned to live among the same people who had killed her husband. Her legacy, however, extends far beyond these events. In the years that followed, Elliot became a prolific writer and speaker, touching the lives of countless people around the world.

In this single-volume biography, Lucy S. R. Austen takes readers on an in-depth journey through the life of Elisabeth Elliot—her birth to missionary parents, her courtship and marriage to Jim Elliot, her missions work in Ecuador, and her private life and public work after she returned to the United States. Through Elliot’s example of love for God and obedience to his commands, readers will ponder what it means to follow Jesus.


Prologue: To a Watching World

Part 1: 1926–1952
Chapter 1: Elisabeth Howard the Great
Chapter 2: Be, Not Seem
Chapter 3: For Christ and His Kingdom
Chapter 4: Red Mud and Hoar Frost

Part 2: 1952–1963
Chapter 5: In a Different Time, in a Different Place
Chapter 6: Through the Waters
Chapter 7: An Alien, a Stranger
Chapter 8: Where Is Rehoboth?

Part 3: 1963–2015
Chapter 9: The Will of God Is Not a Tightrope
Chapter 10: Woman Was Made for Man
Chapter 11: On All Sides

Epilogue: Much We Do Not Know
Chronological Bibliography of Books by Elisabeth Elliot
Selected Bibliography
General Index
Scripture Index


“Lucy S. R. Austen’s biography of Elisabeth Elliot is not only (by far) the best account we have of this fascinating woman; it is also a book that should inspire other biographers—both first-timers and veterans—to resist the relentless pressure to smooth out the rough edges of the lives they are seeking to chronicle. Here we have a story that will remind us of the twists and turns, the unexpected chapters, and the deep sense of grace that marks our own lives.”
John Wilson, Senior Editor, The Marginalia Review of Books; former Editor, Books & Culture

“Elisabeth Elliot first rose to fame by bringing the story of the ‘Auca martyrs’ to the world, but as this carefully researched and deftly written biography shows, she was much more than an iconographer. She became a provocateur who cast doubts on the triumphalism of the evangelical missions industry. She became an ardent critic of fundamentalist spirituality and cultural separatism. She encouraged a generation of evangelical artists and intellectuals who wondered if God really wanted to use their talents. And she was an arch-traditionalist who attacked modern egalitarianism, especially as it addressed gender roles. Elliot was a brilliant, difficult, and complicated person, and this biography treats her life with great sensitivity and honesty. Anyone who wants to understand Elisabeth Elliot, and indeed postwar American evangelicalism, needs to read this book.”
Joel Carpenter, Provost and Professor Emeritus, Calvin University; editor, Christianity Remade: The Rise of Indian Instituted Churches

“Lucy S. R. Austen’s biography of the most famous American Christian woman of the twentieth century leaves no stone unturned. This extremely detailed account reveals the inner life of a very public woman, illustrating not only her high spiritual calling but also constant tensions related to her gender. Utterly committed to her understanding of the Bible’s teachings about men and women, Elliot found herself at the whims of male Christian leaders and husbands with differing visions, as well as at odds with the women’s liberation movement and egalitarian Christianity. This book nuances the two-dimensional picture of Elisabeth Elliot merely as the widow of a famous martyr to provide a multidimensional account of women in missions and American Evangelical Christianity.”
Gina A. Zurlo, Codirector, Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“In her day, Elisabeth Elliot was one of the most formidable women in all the world. This thoughtfully crafted biography tells the unlikely story of how a missionary kid became an American evangelical icon. Lucy S. R. Austen’s eye for what made Elliot both remarkable and human renders this book an especially compelling read.”
Heath W. Carter, Associate Professor of American Christianity, Princeton Theological Seminary

About the Author

Lucy S. R. Austen (BA, University of Washington) is a writer, editor, and teacher who has spent over a decade studying source materials on Elisabeth Elliot. She has served on the editorial staff of the Spring Hill Review, contributed to various publications, and developed two high school English textbooks on prominent Christian authors. S. R. Austen lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and children.


David Livingstone: Missionary, Explorer, Abolitionist (Christie)


David Livingstone was one of the most consequential individuals who lived in the nineteenth century. An unpretentious Scottish missionary doctor, explorer and abolitionist, he opened the door for Christianity in southern Africa. He overcame many deprivations and discouragements, and displayed the utmost measure of courage, self–control, faith, wisdom and ingenuity. Christie takes a balanced look at Livingstone’s amazing achievements, but also at his very real flaws. This gripping in–depth biography is a must–read insight into a fascinating man.


Vance Christie served as a pastor for thirty–six years and to date has authored nine books in the field of historical Christian biography. He and his wife Leeta live in Aurora, Nebraska and are blessed with three adult daughters, their husbands and five grandchildren. His writing website is


"David Livingstone was truly one of the towering figures of his time. And though the times have changed, his name lives on. That makes him a fitting subject for a biography of this magnitude—one that recounts his story and considers his impact on his nation, on this world, and on the history of Christian missions."

Tim Challies -Blogger at

"I thank God for this fresh biography of David Livingstone, the pioneering missionary explorer of central Africa. He died in 1873 and his heart was buried in Zambia. On the centenary of his death, Zambians held commemorative events in several stadia in honour of this man. Also, the only town in Zambia that remains with a foreign name after its political independence from Great Britain is Livingstone. If you want to understand why a people who were once steeped in spiritual darkness should honour a Christian missionary in this way, read this definitive biography!"

Conrad Mbewe -Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Kabwata, Zambia; Founding Chancellor, African Christian University, Lusaka, Zambia

"While sympathetic to Livingstone, Christie provides us with an honest portrayal of the renowned missionary–explorer of southern Africa, and through Livingstone, gives a window into 19th century African history, colonialism, and wider missionary endeavor."

William VanDoodewaard -Professor of Church History, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Greenville, South Carolina