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Deserted by God?: Understanding the Ways of God Through the Experience of the Psalmists (Ferguson)

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Suffering, failure, sin, illness, loneliness, disappointment. They all come in a seemingly endless variety of shapes and sizes. At times there seems to be no way to turn, either backwards or forwards; there is no light at either end of the tunnel. For many people such experiences raise the question: Why has this happened to me? Has God abandoned me? Can nobody help? Is despair all that is left to me?

Large numbers of people today share such experiences and privately ask these very questions. But there is an answer. In fact there is a whole series of answers. Deserted by God? begins with the question ‘Can Anyone Help Me?’ and draws on the experience of the psalmists in the Old Testament to help us to being to understand the ways of God. It shows how others have walked the same pathway before us. They provide us with wisdom which will lead us to the conviction of the closing chapter that we are ‘Never Deserted’.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Can Anyone Help Me?
  2. How Long, Lord?
  3. Dark Valleys
  4. Discouragement
  5. My Sin
  6. No Escape?
  7. Slipping Feet
  8. Singing the Blues
  9. Can I Be Pure?
  10. Learning Contentment
  11. Never Deserted


Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson is a Ligonier teaching fellow and distinguished visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. He previously served as the senior minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, S.C., and he has written more than two dozen books.