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EBOOK Theology, Piety, and Mission: The Influence of Gisbertus Voetius on Missiology and Church Planting (Lidorio)

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In Theology, Piety, and Mission, cross-cultural missionary Ronaldo Lidório reflects on the life and influence of Gisbertus Voetius, the first Protestant missiologist. Drawing on Voetius’s theology of missions and church planting, Lidório lays out principles for us to consider for these activities today.

Read this book to reflect on the powerful combination of theology and piety that must fuel the Great Commission.




  1. Who Was Gisbertus Voetius? 
  2. Theocentric and Trinitarian Missiology 
  3. Church Planting 
  4. Missiological Considerations for Today 
  5. Theological Principles for Church Planting  

Final Thoughts and Considerations  

Appendix 1—Doctrinal themes  

Appendix 2—The phases of a local church  

Appendix 3—Figures  



Theology, Piety, and Mission concisely explains the Trinitarian missiology of Gisbertus Voetius, helpfully applying it to contemporary issues. Voetius developed the first comprehensive theology of mission almost five hundred years ago. Yet his experiential theology and evangelistic principles—both being thoroughly theocentric and biblical—must be studied today, not only for their significant influence on Protestant mission since the seventeenth century, but also for their relevant contribution to contemporary discussions about missio Dei, missional ecclesiology, church planting, and missionary motivation. Missionaries, church planters, and all faithful Christian witnesses will benefit greatly from Ronaldo Lidório’s accessible book.”  

—Brian A. DeVries, principal of Mukhanyo Theological College, South Africa  

“This book makes a valuable contribution to dispelling the myth that the Reformation did not prioritize missions. Lidório presents a clear and insightful analysis of Voetius’s missiology, offering practical applications for the contemporary church. By examining Voetius’s theological principles for church planting, this study becomes an invaluable source of biblical instruction for missionaries, pastors, and church members. It provides essential insights into the significance of spreading Christ’s gospel and advancing His kingdom.”  

—Breno Macedo, pastor of Messiah’s Independent Reformed Church, Holland, Michigan, and adjunct professor at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary  

“It is a delight to see that Ronaldo Lidório’s research on Voetius is being published in English. Lidório throws open the door, so to speak, for readers to come and sit in the lecture hall of one of Reformed theology’s greatest and yet least-known teachers. And much to their surprise and pleasure, readers will find that Voetius was passionate to promote the very thing that Reformed theologians supposedly oppose and undermine—the mission of worldwide evangelism through church planting.”  

—Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley, from the foreword