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Fight for Your Pastor (Orr)

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Do you pray for your pastors? Do you encourage them? Do you have realistic expectations for them? The office of pastor is simultaneously a rewarding and draining position. Pastors today have immense pressure on their shoulders and they need the support of their congregations. 

Peter Orr has written Fight for Your Pastor as an exhortation for church members to stand behind their pastors through the difficulties of ministry. Orr specifies ways in which congregations can be intentional in caring for church leaders, including prayer, encouragement, generosity, and forgiveness. Featuring stories from current pastors about their struggles, this book is perfect for thoughtful church members eager to understand the weight of their pastors’ positions and support leaders in their important ministry. 


Chapter 1: Fight!
Chapter 2: Encourage!
Chapter 3: Listen!
Chapter 4: Give!
Chapter 5: Forgive!
Chapter 6: Submit!
Chapter 7: Check!

Appendix 1: What If I Differ from My Pastor on Politics?
Appendix 2: When and How Should I Leave a Church?
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About the Author:

Peter Orr (PhD, University of Durham) is a New Testament lecturer at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia. He is the author of Exalted Above the Heavens: The Risen and Ascended Christ and a contributor to Theology Is for Preaching and Romans and the Legacy of St Paul. Orr and his wife, Emma, have four sons and are members at All Saints Petersham. 


“As a pastor’s wife, I see how prayerfully and methodically my husband fights for the spiritual vitality of those we love and serve. I praise God when a man or woman in our church encourages him, prays for him, gently questions him, and thanks him, because each time it is a cup of cold water to a thirsty soul. My husband always says, ‘No one is suffering from too much encouragement.’ Least of all our pastors. This book, if read and practiced, will not only be a blessing to your pastor (and his wife!), but will strengthen your entire church and community.”
Christine Hoover, author, How to Thrive as a Pastor’s Wife; host, The Ministry Wives Podcast

“A single preposition can make a world of difference! This book is entitled Fight for Your Pastor not Fight Your Pastor. Peter Orr wisely and winsomely helps us to see the for and then provides practical ways to make it a reality—and all with a touch of humor thrown in. Given everything that has unfolded for churches and their pastors in the last few years, this timely book will encourage church members to be faithful sheep as they seek to encourage faithful shepherds. The content carried even more weight for me since I personally know Peter as a Christian brother who has modeled a genuine love for Christ’s church—for both its pastors and its people.”
Jonny Gibson, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary; Teaching Elder in the International Presbyterian Church, United Kingdom

“It is to our advantage—to our own benefit and joy, says Hebrews 13:17—to have happy pastors, not groaning clergy. Of course, at the end of the day, the pastors’ gladness and resilience is not the church’s final responsibility. But we can pray for them. We can fight for them instead of against them. Joyless pastors plague the church! Dear God, make them truly, deeply happy and be pleased to use their congregants to be some small but real ingredient in their joy. Peter Orr’s wise and timely book is a great place to start for how we can do our part.”
David Mathis, Senior Teacher and Executive Editor,; Pastor, Cities Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota; author, Workers for Your Joy: The Call of Christ on Christian Leaders