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Gospel Life (Owen) Puritan Paperback

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‘The humble walk of believers is the great delight of God’s soul, the one thing that he has in this world to delight him.’

There are some questions common to all seekers after Christ. How can I know I truly have faith? What does it look like to be conformed to Jesus? How does God see me?

In Gospel Life, a compilation of thirteen sermons from the zenith of his preaching career, John Owen answers these questions with great compassion for the Christian who longs for growth and assurance.

He draws on a wide range of Scripture to display the character of the Saviour, the acceptance of the Father, and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit. Finally, Owen addresses the death and eternal hope of the believer, offering encouragement to all who love Christ.

The text of this edition has been updated for the modern reader.


JOHN OWEN (1616-1683) was probably the greatest systematic theologian of the British Puritans, yet such was his depth of Christian wisdom and discernment that he also excelled in pastoral and spiritual theology – in a balanced way, he addresses both mind and heart. Owen lived in a time of suffering, of terrible political divisions, of war and of plague that cost many lives and a time of church schism. Through all this he remained a respected figure, even though he was on the side of non-conformity against the established church.


“It is almost presumption to recommend any work by Dr. John Owen. All his works are of the greatest value and profit…” -- D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

“To master his works is to be a profound theologian” –C. H. Spurgeon

“It’s the sheer spirituality of Owen that is just compelling, absolutely compelling.” —Ian Hamilton