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How Can I Honor Christ in Fighting Cancer? - Cultivating Biblical Godliness Series (Blackburn)

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Almost everyone diagnosed with cancer will endeavor to fight it. As a cancer survivor, Earl Blackburn encourages everyone diagnosed with cancer to fight it. Although he thinks medical treatment is important, the fight he is primarily interested in is spiritual. In How Can I Honor Christ in Fighting Cancer?, Blackburn shows how this spiritual fight, conducted in a manner that honors Christ the Creator and Lord, will aid the cancer patient’s medical fight tremendously. Through Blackburn’s experience, a series of practical lessons derived from it, and from Scripture, you can better understand what a godly fight against cancer looks like.


Earl M. Blackburn is a pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has been in the ordained pastoral ministry for forty years. He now pastors Heritage Baptist Church (a Reformed & Southern Baptist church) in Shreveport, Louisiana since 2006. Blackburn authored 50 World-Changing Event in Christian History (Christian Focus – July 2016), edited and contributed to Covenant Theology: A Baptist Distinctive (SGCB – 2012), and authored John Chrysostom (EP – 2012), Jesus Loves the Church and So Should You (SGCB – 2010); and contributed to numerous periodicals and authored several booklets. He and his wife Debby were married in 1975 and have one son Caleb.


“Most of us either have had cancer or have had a close family member or friend who was diagnosed with cancer. In light of this, Christians need to be prepared to face cancer and to cope in a biblical manner. Pastor Blackburn’s book is a useful pastoral tool to help us chart these waters. If you have cancer or the opportunity to minister to someone who does, this book is an invaluable resource.”

—Joseph A. Pipa Jr., president, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

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