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Interpreting & Teaching the Word of Hope: Essay in Honor of Jack Brown Scott on His Seventy-Seventh Birthday (Penny)

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Presbyterian Press

Table of Contents:

  1. Jack Brown Scott: A Brief Sketch of His Life – John Thomas Scott
  2. Idea of the Seminary – Dominic A. Aquila
  3. Hermeneutics: Humility or Hubris – David W. Hall
  4. Yahweh God’s Covenantal Virtues – Gerard Van Groningen
  5. From Chaos to Cosmos: Critique of Non-Literal Interpretations of Genesis 1:2-2:3 – Joseph A. Pipa
  6. ‘By Faith Jospeh’ – Simon J. Kistemaker
  7. Origen: ‘Minister of the New Covenant – Not of Letter, but of Spirit’ – J. Ligon Duncan, III
  8. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ View of the Preparation for Expository Preaching: Dual Focus on the Preacher and the Sermon – Robert L. Penny
  9. Lectio Continua: The Best Way to Preach – David H. Jussely
  10. Christian Education: The Heart of the Church’s Ministry – Charles Dunahoo
  11. The Southern Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in America – Morton H. Smith
  12. Aspects of Presbyterian Church-Planting and Educational Ministries in North Misssissippi, 1790-1820 – Robert L. Penny