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Jan Hendriks Hulst: Dutch Seceder and Michigan Pioneer (Ash)

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Large Paperback

The Search for Religious Freedom and Life on the Michigan Frontier.

The Hulst family has been in America for over 150 years, and at least eight generations have called this land home. While conducting genealogical research on the Hulst family, however, glimpses of one man in particular emerge from the mists of history. He is a Dutch pioneer representing a different people from a different time. His story is one of undeniable struggle against religious persecution, against a hostile frontier environment, and at times, against his fellow settlers. He proves himself to be largely fearless, and does not hesitate to undertake great risks, particularly as he commits himself and his family into the hands of God. The author goes on to say, "In these pages I have tried to portray the men of that period with a flavor for what they really were, men of flesh and blood, bold in spirit, striving against almost inconceivable difficulties." Here then is the story of Jan Hendriks Hulst.