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Joel & Obadiah - A Mentor Commentary (Busenitz)

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Christian Focus

In this book you discover the theme of Joel: The day of Yahweh. You will also discover more about who one to whom the day belongs to - Yahweh.

Although the books of Joel and Obadiah are relatively short prophetic books, indeed Obadiah is the shortest in the Old Testament, yet the message they contain is as significant for our century as it was for those who first heard this word of the Lord. There is much about the forthcoming 'Day of the Lord' or 'Day of Yahweh'. Both prophets speak of the judgement to fall first on God's own people but also the nations of the earth and the need to repent in order that they might escape this awesome judgement and once again enjoy the mercy and favour of Yahweh, such blessings that include the outpouring of His Spirit on old and young, men and women, Jew and Gentile.

The people were facing devastating calamity and Joel calls the society to repent in order that they might escape this judgment and once again enjoy mercy and favour of Yahweh. Obadiah also focuses on the dual aspects of the theme both that there is Judgement and that blessing.

Mentor commentaries retain a high view of scripture whilst interacting with other research from differing theological viewpoints.



Irvin Busenitz was a member of Faculty at Talbot Theological Seminary before becoming a founding member of The Master's Seminary where he has taught ever since. Dr Busenitz was presented the John Solomon Award for excellence in Semitics and Old Testament, has done post-doctoral study at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies, has published journal and periodical articles, and is active in his local church and in Biblical conference ministries



 ... it is colourful, brief, thought-provoking, and useful as an overview, or as a companion to a study in greater depth.

- Banner of Truth


This is a fine commentary, exhibiting careful and balanced Old Testament scholarship expressed in attractive, vigorous prose. I did not find a sentence that was not clear: Controversial issues affecting interpretation are well handled, for example the question as to whether the locusts in Joel 2 are literal or picture an invading army. The author argues well for an early date for Joel while recognising the complexity of the issue and presenting contrary viewpoints clearly and fairly.

- Geoffrey Grogan, (1925-2011), Principal of Glasgow Bible College and well-respected author