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Journey Through the Bible (Brown)

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Help your family love the words of the Bible. This is a guide for reading the whole Bible to your family and helping them to understand it There are few things as urgent and as important as delivering the whole counsel of God to your family by reading it from Genesis to Revelation.


Scott T. Brown is a pastor at Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina, giving his time to expository preaching and local pastoral ministry, as well as conferences on Biblical doctrine and church and family reformation. Scott graduated from California State University in Fullerton with a degree in History and received a Master of Divinity degree from Talbot School of Theology.


"Scott Brown deserves to have us listen when we come to this subject... it will serve our generation well"

Sam Waldron, Dean and Professor of Systematic Theology at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

"Whether you have just started leading family worship or have done so for years, you will find much in Scott Brown's remarkable Journey Through the Bible to equip you to open the Word with your family. It offers many helps for each book of the Bible..."

Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Journey Through the Bible is an outstanding resource for parents who desire to instruct their children. I recommend it enthusiastically!"

Rob Ventura, Pastor of Grace Community Baptist Church, North Providence, Rhode Island

"I have been long searching for a resource that could help my children with comprehension and meditation. Scott Brown's Journey Through the Bible is a gold mine of valuable tools to aid families in studying Scripture together. It is everything I've been seeking for.

Scott Aniol, PHD, Chair of the Worship Ministry Department at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary