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Let's Study the Letters of John (Hamilton)

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‘The whole unfolding Let’s Study series is a must for every Christian home that is serious about getting to know the Word.’ — COVENANTER WITNESS

Like much of the New Testament, John’s three letters were written to deal with pressing difficulties being experienced in the first-century churches. False teachers, whom John calls ‘antichrists’, were denying fundamental Christian truths and deeply troubling the Christians whom the aged apostle loved and called his ‘little children’. John writes with warmth, seriousness, and urgency to correct this situation. He shows that sound doctrine is vital, not only to the well-being of Christians, but to their very existence, since error leads to deception, darkness, and ultimately the destruction of those who embrace it.

The message of John’s letters is of perennial relevance, and especially important in our own day. Ian Hamilton’s concise commentary provides a warmly pastoral explanation of John’s timeless message, pointing the reader to the Word made flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ, as the answer to all problems in the church, whether in the first or the twenty-first century. 

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Table of Contents:

1 John

1. The Word of Life (1:1-4)

2. Walking in the Light (1:5-10)

3. The Glorious Gospel (2:1-2)

4. Obedience Matters (2:3-6)

5. The New Commandment (2:7-11)

6. Children, Young Men, and Fathers (2:12-14)

7. Do Not Love the World (2:15-17)

8. Beware of Antichrists (2:18-27)

9. Not Ashamed (2:28-29)

10. The Father’s Children (3:1-3)

11. Practicing Righteousness (3:4-10)

12. Loving One Another (3:11-18)

13. God Is Greater than Our Hearts (3:19-20)

14. What Pleases God (3:21-24) 

15. Test the Spirits (4:1-6)

16. God Is Love (4:7-12)

17. Perfect Love (4:13-21)

18. Overcoming the World (5:1-5)

19. Believing God’s testimony (5:6-12)

20. Assurance before God (5:13-21)

2 John

1. Warmest Greetings (1-2)

2. God’s Blessing (3)

3. Walking in Truth and Love (4-6)

4. Watch Yourselves (7-9)

5. Not Welcome (10-11)

6. Final Greetings (12-13)

3 John

1. Greetings and Prayer (1-2)

2. Great Joy (3-4)

3. Welcoming Strangers (5-8)

4. Satan’s Sin (9-10)

5. Doing Good (11-12)

6. Final Greetings (13-14)


Ian Hamilton is minister to Cambridge Presbyterian Church in Cambridge England and author of The Erosion of Calvinist Orthodoxy.