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Love Came Down at Christmas: Daily Readings for Advent (Ferguson)

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Everyone seems to say that Christmas is about love. It’s in the songs we hear as we shop for presents and in the adverts we see on TV. It’s in the cards we send and on the gift tags we write. And Christians can agree. Christmas really is about love, because love came down at Christmas in the person of Jesus Christ. This Advent devotional contains 24 daily readings from 1 Corinthians 13.

Sinclair Ferguson brings the rich theology of the incarnation to life with his trademark warmth and clarity. We'll see what “love” looked like in the life of Christ and be challenged to love like him. Each day's reading finishes with a question for reflection and a prayer. However you're feeling—weary or frantic, lonely or lovesick—your heart will be refreshed as you wonder again at the truth that love came down at Christmas.



Table of Contents:

1. Of Men and Angel
2. Glittering Powers
3. The Dead Giveaway
4. Anyone for Patience?
5. The Milk of Human Kindness
6. Happy with Your Lot
7. One Great Mystery
8. Harmonious Humility
9. Love Has Good Manners
10. Throw Yourself In
11. Easily Irritated?
12. The Father’s Heart
13. Rejoicing: Right or Wrong?
14. A Covering
15. Believing Everything and Anything?
16. Hope Springs Eternal
17. Endurance Test
18. Everlasting Love
19. Future Perfect
20. Growing Up
21. Face to Face
22. The Part Is Not the Whole
23. “The Well-Known Three”
24. The Greatest



Dr Sinclair B Ferguson is a Ligonier teaching fellow and Chancellor's Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary since 2017, commuting from Scotland where he is an assistant minister at St. Peter's Free Church of Scotland, Dundee.



"Sinclair Ferguson has put a powerful tool into our hands in his book Love Came Down at Christmas. Every Christian reader will benefit by acquiring the rich truths of the incarnation of the Son of God for our own worship and evangelism." - John MacArthur, President of The Master's University and Seminary

"Whatever Sinclair Ferguson writes is a must-read for me. This book is no exception. Here, we find this gifted theologian at his devotional best. Every believer and family should read this clear treatment of the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do so, and prepare to be blessed." - Steven J. Lawson, President of OnePassion Ministries

"These devotional meditations are deeply soaked in Scripture, rich, vivid, always nourishing, sometimes challenging, often thrilling. I thank God for them." - Christopher Ash, Writer-in-Residence, Tyndale House

"If we think we have all our theology right but have not love, we have none of our theology right. If we think we know everything there is to know about God but do not have the love of God in our hearts, we do not know God at all. I am grateful for this book about love, as it so beautifully shows forth the redeeming love of our triune God demonstrated in the incarnation of Christ, and as it so gently directs us along the path of showing true love to our neighbor and to our sovereign and gracious Lord." - Burk Parson, Senior Pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel; Editor of Tabletalk magazine

"Church history will remember Dr. Ferguson as one of this generation's most insightful theological writers and biblical preachers. When you read or listen to him, you know he cares for you. And this book illumines his ability to lovingly communicate the grand themes of God’s love-filled redemptive purpose." - Chris Larson, President and CEO of Ligonier Ministries