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Man Overboard! - The Story of Jonah (Ferguson)

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Jonah is not a book about a great fish! It is really a book about God, and how one man came, through painful experience, to discover the true character of the God whom he had already served in the earlier years of his life. He was to find the doctrine about God come alive in his experience. It is this combination of doctrine and experience that makes Jonah such a fascinating, instructive and practical book.

The teaching of Jonah searches our hearts and consciences in a special way because it is the story of a man who was on the run from God. It traces not only the path of his journey, but unravels the inner workings of his heart- his fears, motivations, and passing moods. Christians today still experience these ‘Jonah syndromes’. 

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Table of Contents: 

  1. All in the Past (1:1-3)
  2. On the Run (1:1-17)
  3. The Castaway (1:1-17)
  4. Return Ticket (2:1-10)
  5. Merciful Wrath (2:1-10)
  6. The Sign of Jonah (3:1-10)
  7. Spreading the Word (3:1-10)
  8. Nineveh Awakened (3:1-10)
  9. At Loggerheads (4:1-11)
  10. Missionary Experiences (4:1-11)
  11. God Is Love (4:1-11) 


Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson is a Ligonier teaching fellow and distinguished visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. He previously served as the senior minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, S.C., and he has written more than two dozen books.