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Master Robert Bruce (Macnicol)

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The sixty stormy years following the death of John Knox—years of conflict, persecution and revival— form the background of this biography by D. C. Macnicol.

Robert Bruce’s commanding preaching, his iron resolution and, above all, his daily fellowship with God, provided an example which his contemporaries and successors could never forget. ‘No man’, declared John Livingstone, ‘since the apostles’ time spake with such power’.

Robert Bruce was born into a noble Scottish family in the 16th century. Turning his back on worldly wealth, he entered the ministry. He preached to many, including the King. Bruce is most known in our day for his sermons on the Lord’s Supper. Scottish biographer, John Howie wrote the following on Bruce, “There was none, in his time, who did speak with such evidence of the power of the Spirit; and no man had more seals of his ministry, yea many of his hearers thought, that no man since the apostles days ever spoke with such power.”

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Duncan Clark Macnicol (1861–1910) was a minister of the Free (later United Free) Church of Scotland, pastoring churches in Dunipace, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.






‘Robert Bruce was one of the most distinguished men whom Scotland has ever produced, and rendered invaluable services to his Church and country.’ — WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM


‘The life of Bruce is a testimony to the manner in which joy in Christ can be known whatever the times. Certainly, he knew some dark days and occasional times of “desertion”, but the tenor of his life was the opposite of gloom and sorrow. “He that has God with him has enough” was the witness of his early ministry and he proved it true.’ — IAIN H. MURRAY