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On Original Sin: A New Translation of the Common Places 1576 (Vermigli)

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Davenant Institute

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Appearing now in English for the first time since 1583, “On Original Sin” represents Part II, ch. 1 of the Loci.

Presented here in a clear, readable, and learned translation, Vermigli’s searching discussion of original sin reveals the biblical and patristic foundations of this controversial doctrine, and its centrality to Protestant orthodoxy. Along the way, Vermigli offers a scathing critique of the semi-Pelagian Catholic theologian Albert Pighius and defends the Augustinian understanding of sin and grace, in a treatise marked by exegetical skill, historical erudition, and philosophical sophistication.



Table of Contents:


  1. The Pelagians on Human Nature
  2. Adam’s Wholeness Before the Fall
  3. Pighius on Infant Guilt
  4. Concupiscence: A Propensity for Evil
  5. The Removal of Divine Grace in the Fall
  6. Recovering our Humanity in Christ
  7. Original Sin in Infants
  8. Pighius on Adam’s Original Wholeness
  9. Natural Knowledge
  10. The Transmission of Original Sin
  11. The Punishment of Unbaptized Infants
  12. Generational Guilt
  13. Godly Parents and Inherited Sin
  14. Aggregated Guilt
  15. Digression on Romans 5: Sin Defined
  16. Digression on Romans 5: How Sin Enters the World
  17. Digression on Romans 5: How Sin is Propagated
  18. Digression on Romans 5: Creatures and the Fall