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Our Faith: Understanding Scripture with the Westminster Confession (Vogan)

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Reformation Scotland
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The Westminster Confession was written for everyone, not just pastors, elders and theologians. 

Our Faith helps Christians engage with the Confession by removing difficulties and providing helpful explanations. 

Whatever your previous experience of theology, Our Faith will be useful in teaching, discussing and studying the Westminster Confession. 

All believers seek to interpret the Bible. But too often our personal understanding can be fuzzy and patchy. We don’t see how truths relate to each other and we struggle to articulate them. The Westminster Confession of Faith has helped many generations across the world to have a clear and orderly understanding of biblical truth. It helps us to share our faith together and respond with appropriate worship. Our Faith enables everyone to do this by removing difficulties and providing helpful explanations.


Table of Contents: 

  1. Holy Scripture
  2. God and the Holy Trinity
  3. God's Eternal Decree
  4. Creation
  5. The Fall, Sin, and its Punishment
  6. God's Covenant with Man
  7. Christ the Mediator
  8. Free Will
  9. Effectual Calling
  10. Justification
  11. Adoption
  12. Sanctification
  13. Saving Faith
  14. Repentance
  15. Good Works
  16. The Perseverance of the Saints
  17. Assurance
  18. The Law of God
  19. Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience
  20. Worship
  21. Oaths and Vows
  22. Civil Government
  23. Marriage and Divorce
  24. The Church
  25. The Communion of Saints
  26. The Sacraments
  27. Baptism
  28. The Lord's Supper
  29. Church Discipline
  30. Church Government 
  31. Death and the Resurrection
  32. The Last Judgement