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Portugese - Sweeter by the Dozen: Making Jesus the Lord of Our Family Size (Hekman)

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As Christians, we are convinced of the importance of making Jesus the Lord of our life. But what does it mean for the number of children we have?

In Sweeter by the Dozen, Randall Hekman shares the story of how he and his wife, Marcia, stopped trying to limit the number of children they would have and allowed the Lord to open and close the womb. He then gives his rationale for opposing the modern idea of family planning and responds to common arguments raised against having larger families.

Here is a challenge to allow Jesus to be the Lord of everything, even your family size.

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Table of Contents:
Part One:
Nearly Missing the Treasure!
1.Where Would My Children Be?
2. God Shines Truth into My Heart
3. The Rest of the Crew

Part Two:
God’s Perspectives on Childbearing
4. Biology Is Not God
5. Putting Sex in Its Proper Place
6. Children: The Cream of God’s Crop
7. Marriage Is a Big Deal!

Part Three:
Responding to Arguments
8. Introduction
9. The Financial Argument
10. The Intelligence Argument
11. The Career Argument
12. The Physical Argument
13. The Unfashionable Argument
14. The Selfish Argument
15. The Heartache Argument
16. The Inability Argument
17. The Medical Argument
18. The Irresponsible Argument

Part Four:
19. Changing Our World Family by Family



Randall Hekman is a retired juvenile court judge who has headed several Christian nonprofit organizations committed to benefiting families. He has been married to Marcia for more than fifty years, and together they have parented their dozen children.



“This is a book that needed to be written. Too many Christians today view children as something that gets in the way of what they desire out of life, so they end up living selfishly by striving to limit the number of children they bear to coincide with their all-too-frequently selfish plans. Too many Christians also fail to grasp the beauty and the joy of a large Christian family—if the Lord sovereignly provides for His own honor and glory!” — Joel R. Beeke, from the foreword