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Preachers and Teachers: Trailblazers Box Set

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Christian Focus
Paperback (Box Set)

The exciting true stories of heroes of the faith for 9– to 14–year olds


This giftbox collection of colorful trailblazer stories will delight young minds. Each book in this box set contains the story of a man who preached the word of God and who God used powerfully. 


Some of the characters in this box set didn’t seem like likely preachers – John Stott got from Sunday School as a child for hiding a dagger in his sock and Martyn Lloyd–Jones had a promising career as a well–known doctor – but readers will be able to see how God equips those he calls to spread his gospel.


Spanning several centuries these men preached to people from all walks of life. George Whitefield was the first to preach to slaves in the United States. Charles Spurgeon preached to large crowds in England, including Queen Victoria. But they were all united in their passion to see people saved.


These biographies follows the trailblazer’s journey to faith, and on to the work that God had planned for them. With lots of dialogue, these engaging stories show how God uses normal individuals to bring about his purpose.


Each book in the Trailblazer series features:

  • Thinking Further Topics for each chapter to help readers think about how what they’ve read applies to their life today
  • Timeline of important events in the lifetime of each book’s subject


John Stott, known as ‘Uncle John’ was a man who was recognised across the world as a pastor, friend and leader. Written by Julia Cameron, this book includes a map of central London, 21 Fact Files, Ideas for Things to Do and Further Reading suggestions.


Martyn Lloyd–Jones, trained as a doctor when he was just sixteen years old. Talented and successful, he was destined to become the Queen’s Surgeon. This book was written by Martyn Lloyd–Jones’ grandson, Christopher Catherwood.


Charles Spurgeon was a simple country lad who went on to become one of the best known preachers in London, Europe and the world. Charles spoke words that touched the hearts of rich and poor alike. Written by Christian George, this book includes a summary of Charles Spurgeon’s life.


George Whitefield preached to many people in the United Kingdom, America and beyond. It is estimated that he spoke more than 18,000 sermons during his life. This book was written by Lucille Travis.


Jonathan Edwards was full of questions. He saw God’s beauty in nature as well as in God’s Word. Discover a brilliant man who was a founding influence in America. Written by Christian George, this book includes a summary of Jonathan Edwards’ life, quotes from Jonathan Edwards and a bibliography of his works.