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Pride: Identity and the Worship of Self (Roberts)

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Christian Focus


Our culture is obsessed with identity and it has been the cause of tense interaction with (and within) the Church. Rather than being a new challenge to the Christian faith, however, the identity issue is a very old one; it is fundamentally one of idolatry. Who we are, who we think we are, and how God in Christ restores our knowledge of ourselves in covenant with him, are central Biblical themes. But these things will only appear with clarity if we have the courage to tackle the idolatries of our own age at the root, and stand true to our calling as Christians to worship God and him alone.


At a time when our liberty to proclaim the Gospel in the West is under increasing attack, Matthew Roberts provides a powerful critique of current thinking. He shows that genuine liberation only comes when we understand who we really are: human beings: created by God, in His image, with unique dignity. This is a timely and important book.

Sharon James, Social Policy Analyst, The Christian Institute

Roberts helpfully exposes erroneous responses to the issue of ‘sexual orientation’, especially in some quarters of the evangelical church, while bringing us back to the good news of a remedy for sinners of all sexuality stripes. Those who take the time to read this book will find it both enlightening and liberating.

Jonny Gibson, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and author of ‘The Moon Is Always Round’