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Reform: The Church at the Birth of Protestantism (Davis)

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Christian Focus


Throughout the Christian lands of Europe, there was darkness. Not a physical darkness, but a spiritual one. For many years, the clarity of God’s grace given through Jesus Christ had dimmed. A system of human effort designed to achieve God’s favor meant people were confused about Scripture, about salvation, and about the purpose of life.

But in those dark times, light dawned. Brave individuals challenged long–held teachings that had drifted from Scripture. Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Thomas Cranmer led movements of reformation in their nations, calling their followers to the clear teaching of the Bible, to Christ, to faith, to grace, to live to the glory of God. Others, such as Patrick Hamilton, William Tyndale, and Lady Jane Grey, sought to continue this enterprise, sometimes at the cost of their lives.

These bold Christians—called Protestants for their protest against the established and wayward Church practices of the day—sought to be faithful to Christ in their world, and in the process they offered in a new world that endures today.


Luke Herron Davis teaches ethics and church history at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis. He has authored books in the Cameron Ballack Mysteries and the Merivalkan Chronicles, as well as ‘Tough Issues, True Hope’. He has also penned lyrics to over seventy new hymns. An ordained priest in the Anglican Church in North America, Luke lives with his wife Christi and their family in St. Charles, Missouri.


Readers of Reform will certainly learn why the Reformation is so important to the history of Christianity. But thanks to Davis’s gift for bringing historical figures to life in vivid color and captivating details, readers will enjoy getting to know who the major and minor players were in this movement. 

Ben Wagner, Rector, Anglican Church of the Resurrection, Chesterfield, Missouri

Luke Davis has given a human face to the Reformation, the most decisive event in Western church history in the past thousand years. Here you can read about the great heroes of the Protestant faith through whom God wrought His wonders in the 16th century. Hopefully it whets your appetite for further study. An excellent introduction!

Nick Needham, Lecturer in Church History, Highland Theological College, Dingwall, Scotland

The Reformation was a pivotal point in church history, and Davis introduces us to the people who were there. This book is rich in characters and theology, and is an enlightening read for teens.

Linda Finlayson, Author of ‘God’s Timeline’ and ‘God’s Bible Timeline’