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Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (Boettner)

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One of the most thorough and convincing statements on predestination to have appeared in any language, The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination has been regarded as the authoritative work in this field.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

Section I  

2. Statement of the Doctrine

3. God Has a Plan

4. The Sovereignty of God

5. The Providence of God

6. The Foreknowledge of God

7. Outline of Systems

8. The Scriptures are the Final Authority by Which Systems are to be Judged

9. A Warning Against Undue Speculation

Section II: The Five Points of Calvinism

10. Total Inability

11. Unconditional Election

12. Limited Atonement

13. Efficacious Grace

14. The Perseverance of the Saints

Section III: Objections Commonly Urged Against the Reformed Doctrine of Predestination

15. That It is Fatalism

16. That It is Inconsistent with the Free Agency and Moral Responsibility of Man

17. That It Makes God the Author of Sin

18. That It Discourages All Motives to Exertion

19. That It Represents God As a Respecter of Persons, or as Unjustly Partial

20. That It Is Unfavorable to Good Morality

21. That is Precludes a Sincere Offer of the Gospel to the Non-Elect

22. That It Contradicts the Universalistic Scripture Passages

Section IV

23. Salvation By Grace

24. Personal Assurance That One is Among the Elect

25. Predestination in the Physical World

26. A Comparison With the Mohammedan Doctrine of Predestination

Section V

27. The Practical Importance of the Doctrine

28. Calvinism in History 


"Not only a clear and cogent presentation of the Reformed Doctrine of Predestination but of all the great distinctive doctrines of the Reformed Faith...The practical importance of Calvinism is stressed. The chapter on Calvinism in History will prove illuminating to many." - Christianity Today

"A book that will live for years as one of the most scholarly, helpful and interesting discussions of a difficult subject." - The Sunday School Times

"The mantle of Dr. Warfield, Calvinism's most distinguished expositor and defender of the last generation, seems to have fallen on Dr. Boettner's shoulders." - The Expositor.


Loraine Boettner (ThB and ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary; also received honorary degrees in DD and LittD) is best known as the author of The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination, The Millennium, and Roman Catholicism.