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Reformed Dogmatics, 4 Volume Set, Deluxe Edition (Bavinck)

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This Deluxe Classic edition will only be available for a limited time. 

This beautiful deluxe edition of Herman Bavinck's four-volume masterwork, Reformed Dogmatics, is designed for book lovers. Special features include luxurious imitation leather covers, custom foil-stamped spines and covers, and classic hubbed spines. The attractive interior features Smyth sewn binding, specially designed printed endsheets, and elegant ivory paper with an eggshell finish. This exquisite set presents readers with a classic edition of one of the most important theological works of the twentieth century.

The set includes:

  • Volume One: Prolegomena
  • Volume Two: God and Creation
  • Volume Three: Sin and Salvation in Christ
  • Volume Four: Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation


"Arguably the most important systematic theology ever produced in the Reformed tradition. I have found it to be the most valuable. English-speaking theology throughout the 20th century until now has been singularly impoverished by not having at its disposal a translation of Bavinck's Dogmatiek in its entirety. The appearance of these volumes will be an incomparable boon for generations of students, pastors, teachers, and others, serving to deepen understanding and enrich reflection in both historical and systematic theology."--Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., professor of biblical and systematic theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

"Despite all the important contributions that Dutch Calvinists have made to North American Protestantism, Herman Bavinck remains an obscure figure, lagging behind the influential Abraham Kuyper. With the translation and republication of Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics, this unfortunate situation should change for the better. These four volumes demonstrate the importance and mastery of Bavinck's own contribution to Reformed theology, while providing a useful and striking point of comparison with the best-known twentieth-century Reformed dogmatics, that of Karl Barth. At a time when the scholastic nature of systematic theology has come under serious criticism, Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics reveals the advantage of careful and sustained reflection on Christian truth that is both faithful to the church and engaged with the academy. Readers will discover more than Bavinck the theologian in these volumes; they will learn about the God whom he worshiped and served." - D. G. Hart, author of The Lost Soul of American Protestantism

"Bavinck's Dutch masterwork was the Everest of which the textbooks by Louis Berkhof and Auguste Lecerf were foothills and Berkouwer's studies in dogmatics were outliers. Like Augustine, Calvin, and Edwards, Bavinck was a man of giant mind, vast learning, ageless wisdom, and great expository skill, and to have his first volume now in full English, with a promise of the other three to come, is a wonderful enrichment. Solid but lucid, demanding but satisfying, broad and deep and sharp and stabilizing, Bavinck's magisterial Reformed Dogmatics remains after a century the supreme achievement of its kind." - J. I. Packer, professor of theology, Regent College