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Right in Their Own Eyes: The Gospel According to Judges (Schwab)

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Right in Their Own Eyes explains Judges from three Old Testament and three New Testament perspectives. First, it shows how the Spirit enabled wayward people to fulfill the mission God gave them, promotes David as king of Israel, and illustrates God's covenant with his people. Schwab also shows how God sovereignly works among his wayward people to forge a community of faith under the New Covenant, which points to Christ, calls modern Christians to faith and obedience, and looks forward to the return of Christ and the final judgment.

Table of Contents:

Part One – Right Reading

1. Juggling Judges

2. Significative Stylization

3. Authors’ Agendas

Part Two – Cycles of Twelve Judges

4. A Keen Kenite

5. Soiled Southpaw, Rotund Ruler

6. Does God Command Jihad?

7. The Sissy, the Sisters, and Sisera

8. Mastering Midian

9. Abominable Abimelech

10. Minor Magistrates

11. Jephthah’s Jaundice

12. Philistine Foxes

Part Three – Levite Leverage

13. Dan’s Dirty Dealings

14. Benjamin’s Baleful Bent



George M. Schwab (M.Div., Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary) is associate professor of Old Testament at Erskine Seminary. He is also a teaching elder and a trained biblical counselor. Dr. Schwab has written numerous articles in Old Testament studies and is a contributor to the Expositor Bible Commentary series.



"In Right in Their Own Eyes, George Schwab takes readers on a journey into an ancient textual world that is at times jarring to modern sensibilities. He is a fascinating tour guide with an accessible style of delivery who does not avoid the difficult texts, making clear their meaning withing their original era of redemptive history before tracing their significance for Christian readers today." — Mark J. Boda