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Teaching 1 Samuel

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The book of 1 Samuel is a blockbuster. One of the most well–known books of the Old Testaments, its gripping narrative is dominated by big characters. Andrew Reid helps preachers get a handle on the vital part it plays in the unfolding story of the Bible.



Andrew Reid has been the National Director of the AFES, board member of TGC Australia and has pastored churches in three States of Australia. He is currently the founding Principal of Evangelical Theological College of Asia, which is based in Singapore and seeks to produce a new generation of able biblical expositors and pastor–teachers for churches throughout Asia.



"This is an excellent book in a great series. It will foster preaching that is firmly grounded in the text, richly theological and viewing the book as an important part of Christian scripture. It is biblical theology at its best. Andrew does not try to read Christ into the book of 1 Samuel, but rather discerns the message of book and then shows how our understanding of this must be shaped by the coming of Christ. There are great insights here about why we should teach from these rich narratives.  He builds on his earlier commentary and a lifetime of powerful preaching to provide a major resource for the church as it gathers around the word. It contains great practical help and advice aimed at both preachers and bible study leaders. This book is pure gold, making it a ‘must have’ if you want to teach others how to teach God’s truth from narrative."

Lindsay Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Old Testament, Ridley College, Melbourne

"… blends the fruit of serious academic study and countless gems of wisdom for expounding this important book. While not spoon–feeding his readers, Andrew provides much theological and practical assistance for the expositor and Bible study leader. Teaching 1 Samuel will make you want to do it. Indeed, anyone who reads Andrew’s book can have little excuse for making a mess of an exposition of 1 Samuel."

Mike Raiter, Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching & author of several books

"I have benefitted significantly from Andrew Reid’s teaching and thinking on the books on Samuel for many years – what a rich provision for preachers and bible study leaders to have this comprehensive teaching guide! The format of this series suits Andrew’s approach down to the ground – he summarises the scholarship on the books with a beautifully delicate touch, moves smoothly into the vital task of breaking up the book, and backs that up with a wealth of exegetical insight, embedded seamlessly in insights for teaching. This will be an invaluable (and should be a compulsory!) companion for anyone teaching 1st Samuel…. and bring on 2nd Samuel!"

Gary Millar, Principal of Queensland Theological College, Brisbane

"The Scriptures urge us to delight in God’s words and meditate on them. In this book we see the wonderful results of such delight and such meditation over many years. Andrew Reid generously shares his insights into the text of 1 Samuel, enriched by biblical theology, and with practical advice for preachers and Bible study leaders. Not a word is wasted, and just the right amount in information is provided. A good book for personal Bible study, as well as for those who preach and teach."

Peter Adam, Vicar Emeritus, St Jude's Church, Carlton, Victoria, Australia

"It is so good to have the fruit of Andrew Reid’s study of 1 Samuel now applied to how to be preaching this Old Testament book. Here we have an experienced guide helping us study God’s Word carefully: there are no pre–packaged sermons (or Bible studies), but instead you will find yourself motivated to look again at the biblical text more carefully. I think the book is worth reading even for the ‘Listening to the Whole of Scripture’ sections in each chapter alone."

Neil Watkinson, International Director, Proclamation Trust