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Ten Girls Who Didn't Give In (Howat)

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Christian Focus Publications
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These ten girls grew up to become women who didn't give in. Living as a Christian for them was difficult. They chose to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. Would you give in or would you resist?

Blandina became a Christian and then a martyr; Perpetua was forced to give up her child and then died in a Roman amphitheatre; Lady Jane Grey did as she was told but in the end would not deny her Lord; Anne Askew lost her home and family but never lost her faith; Lysken Dirks loved her young husband but they both loved Jesus first; Marion Harvey discovered the joy of following Christ and followed him to the end; Margaret Wilson became an outlaw for Jesus but obeyed God whatever the cost; Judith Weinberg loved the Lord although it cost her life; Betty Stam's life was full of danger but she lived for Jesus through and through; Esther John gave her life to Christ and died for him. In a world where we give in too easily - be inspired by those who didn't!


Table of Contents:

  1. Blandina
  2. Perpetua
  3. Lady Jane Grey
  4. Anne Askew
  5. Lysken Dirks
  6. Marion Harvey
  7. Margaret Wilson
  8. Judith Weinberg
  9. Betty Stam
  10. Esther John 



Irene Howat is an award-winning author who is accomplished writer in writing for children and adults. She has many titles to her name. She is married to a minister and they have a grown up family. She is also a talented artist and lives in Argyll, Scotland. She especially enjoys letters from children and replies to all of them!