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The Attributes and Work of God (Pratt)

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“Do you believe in God?” is usually a straightforward question to answer. “What do you believe about God?” is harder! The Bible uses narratives, laws, songs, prophecies, proverbs, and letters to tell us about God, and this book highlights mainstream evangelical systematic theology derived from its teachings. Take an opportunity to learn what doctrines the Spirit-led body of Christ has emphasized over the centuries—and become better equipped in your  understanding of God and Scripture. 

Produced by Third Millennium Ministries for a global, multilingual, evangelical audience, the books in the Christian Essentials series make highly vetted, master’s-level theology clear, personal, and accessible to a broad spectrum of readers.

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“Inevitably, studying the doctrine of God raises complex terminology and mind-stretching theology. But The Attributes and Work of God succeeds in doing this with simplicity, accessibility, readability, and depth, in ways that help us to grow in our knowledge and love of God.” — Simon Vibert, Vicar, Christ Church Virginia Water, Surrey, United Kingdom

“This book will help the global church to hear from God—not only to see how he is and always has been at work in the world but also to understand who he is and why he does what he does.” — Sundee Simmons, Associate Director, Perspectives Global

“Theologically rich . . . immensely valuable.” — Daniel Akin

“Complex theology [explained] in terms anyone can understand.”  — Brandon Crowe

About the Author

Richard L. Pratt Jr. (MDiv, Union Theological Seminary; ThD, Harvard University) is president of Third Millennium Ministries. He was a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary for over twenty years