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The Back Leg of a Goat (Reeves)

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Christian Focus

How does just a regular girl from a regular Australian town (with one or two crazy ideas) end up buying the back leg of a goat? But is it a crazy idea to do this?

What appears to be crazy is actually a cool plan to help poor people in the third world. A healthy, strong goat could make all the difference to Shanti's family. Shanti lives in India and her family have very little money - they don't even have enough to spend on education, clean drinking water or other things that Tania takes for granted.

So Tania plans to use her savings to buy the back leg of a goat (it's the only bit she can afford!) but the plan goes up a gear when she manages to get her brother, Daniel, involved in a fashion show! But it's her new friend, Emily, who has the craziest idea of all - 'Let's make it a recycled fashion show!' Before you can say 'dustbin', Tania and Emily - and the other kids in the area - are gathering a whole pile of junk to make costumes and clothes out of. This is going to be more than just crazy! It's going to be fun-crazy!!


Penny Reeve and her family lived in Nepal as missionaries for five years. They now live in the Blue Mountains of Australia. See more about her on