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The Big Green Tree at No. 11: Tammy and Jake learn about Life and Death (Mackenzie)

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Jake and Tammy live in Canterbury Place. Together with their friends and family and neighbours they have plenty of adventures and through them they learn about life and the world they live in. 

Canterbury Place is the fictional setting of a series of books exploring deep issues. This is a great book for a child who has lost a friend or family member. 

During their adventures, we, too, want to know the answers to the questions that Tammy and Jake ask. In a loving context their Mum and Dad tell them that they need to know about the world of animals, plants and human beings - and about spiritual issues that everyone has to face before they die. 

Movingly written in a delightful style - these books will both entertain and educate.


Catherine Mackenzie has written several biographies for young teens in the Trailblazerseries as well as other titles for younger children. She lives in Scotland and has several nieces and nephews – a perfect practice audience!

From the Author

"I wrote this book because we needed it. I'd seen children trying to get their heads round the whole death thing, and I'd seen adults try to explain it to them. I wanted to write something that you could give to a child who was mourning. But I didn't want the book to make them any more sadder than they were already. I also wanted to be able to give the book to a child who was simply curious, as children often are, about something which we know very little about. But as it turns out God tells us everything we need to know about death and the life to come in his Word. So there, I've named my source, and trust that you will find this book helpful." - Catherine MacKenzie, Author and CF4K Editor