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The Binding of God (Lillback)

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What was John Calvin's relationship to covenant theology? After tracing the historical development of the covenant idea, Lillback carefully examines the writings of Calvin for evidence and description of Calvin's covenant thought. He ultimately argues that Calvin developed an extensive covenant theology.

The Binding of God provides important background to current theological discussions, such as modes of baptism and Paul and the law. It will be of significance to scholars of the Reformation and the sixteenth century.


"Lillback's book serves well as the starting point in a vital conversation with Calvin to improve research on the theology of the Reformation."--Paul Chung, Religious Studies Review

"Lillback's work is truly commendable as a thorough synthesis of Calvin. . . . Any consideration of the history of covenant theology, and any explanation of the role of the covenant in biblical theology, is bound to come to terms with the persuasive conclusions of The Binding of God."--David B. Garner, Trinity Journal

"The book provides fascinating and extremely helpful descriptions of Calvin's use of the covenant idea, contextualizing his thought in relation to the scholastic movement, and to other Reformers. It also assists the reader in understanding how elements of Calvin's thought were reshaped as subsequent Reformed theologians made use of him."--Michael Jinkins, IRT Bulletin

"In this carefully-crafted book, Peter Lillback uses John Calvin's Institutes, commentaries, and sermons, and a broad definition of covenant theology to confirm a central role for Calvin in covenant theology. . . . This book and the series within which it is found are a welcome contribution to the world of scholarship and to scholarly debate."--Jeannine E. Olson, Renaissance Quarterly